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Hi, I'm Thomas.

I'm a journalist and broadcaster with experience at several national publications.


Learn more about my experience below.

My Experience


As a News Reporter, I have broken a variety of exclusive stories, such as the arrest of rapper Lady Leshurr for ABH, as well as working on major news events - such as the Queen's death and funeral, investigating the trafficking of Olympic hero Sir Mo Farah, and protests against the Iranian government.



In August 2022 I was accepted onto the prestigious Spectator internship scheme to work in the politics team alongside online and magazine editors. I was responsible for writing and researching daily Steerpike political columns - including stories on House of Lords Peers' satisfaction with their offices.


I undertook three stints of Work Experience at Yahoo! News and Sport, contributing multiple articles, as well as assisting on Yahoo Sports' flagship "The Football Show". In addition, I was responsible for the Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Sport Twitter accounts, helping maintain a constant flow of content output in association with other journalists.

In this time, my articles regularly appeared on the Yahoo! homepage. From this experience, I developed further my writing and editorial skills.

GOAT-LOGO-250x132-1 (1).png

In August 2019 I spent a week of Work Experience at the Goat Agency in central London. During this time, I slotted into a live campaigns team - managing social media campaigns worth up to £50,000 for some of the world's biggest brands, such as Hussle and Western Union. I also participated in training schemes, contributing to a group session on identifying 'influencer fraud' through the use of pod groups.

In just one week, I picked up the skills required for influencer marketing and closed deals with some of the UK's largest influencers, as well as producing over 150 outreach leads.

 "It was a pleasure working with you over the last week and you really surprised me at just how quickly you picked everything up" - Tim Hepper, Goat Agency Campaign Manager


In June 2017 I completed a week of work experience at HuffPost UK, which had (at the time) a growing readership of 10.7m a month. During my time at HuffPost, I helped research and find data and photos for articles.


I was also heavily involved in a day of producing Build LDN, a web-based interview series that has racked up hundreds of thousands of online views. Whilst working on producing the show I was responsible for setting up the green room and also asked a question live on stream.

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