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#HireThomas - Exuberance

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Great things come from great ideas. Besides, why would you hire anyone who didn't have anything to bring to the party?

Below I have put together a selection of both content and campaign ideas for Rise at Seven and your current/prospective clients. 

A live, interactive game-show, right in the heart of London, in conjunction with one of Rise at Seven's many fashion industry partners.

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Through my research, I have identified that Rise at Seven work with a range of fashion brands. So, here's my pitch - an interactive game show, right in the heart of London.


Players step into a drop zone, with a range of stock from a client fashion label dropped into the area from a platform 15 feet above.


Whatever the contestant catches, they keep. The total retail value of the stock dropped can total £1m, allowing the campaign to use the title "The Million Pound Drop".

Sector: Fashion

Cost: Medium

PR/ROI (Opportunity Cost): Strong - if promoted through popular social channels of the potential client





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Pub Quiz

Capitalise on the UK's desire to get back to the pub by breaking a world record for a favourite pastime.

Imagine this: It's June 21st. Lockdown is gone. We've nixed the Rule of Six, and the horror of tiers is now time with peers.


The current World Record for Longest Pub Quiz is 34 hours, set virtually in November 2020.


This campaign would likely benefit from increased coverage once hospitality venues are reopened, or once restrictions are rolled back altogether.

Sector: Hospitality

Cost: Low

PR/ROI (Opportunity Cost): Strong - if partnered with the right chain of pubs, and promoted through local media.

Campaign Ideas

The Hundred: Rewriting Cricket

The Hundred has already accelerated change in the Cricket industry, causing division amongst Cricket purists and innovators. This campaign would exploit the rift, whilst using humour as an April Fools device.

unnamed (7).jpg

With the ECB's new summer cricket tournament - The Hundred - set to launch in July, there is no better time to branch out into strategising in the highly lucrative sports industry.


With the competition already diving cricket fans across the UK, a self-aware April fools day campaign including the announcement of new 'rules' such as "a fan of each team will act as twelfth man", and "any sixes that are caught by fans will be worth ten runs", will further stir the pot whilst spreading the fact that The Hundred will undoubtedly change the face of Cricket around the world.

Sector: Sport

Cost: Low

PR/ROI (Opportunity Cost): Strong, and would undoubtedly generate controversy and interest

Content Ideas

unnamed (8).jpg

A personal, peer-to-peer interview series hosted by Rise at Seven's CEO Carrie Rose.


Each week, Carrie will sit down with some of the PR industry's hottest talent, with the aim of answering the question that evades so many: what makes good PR?

This idea is inspired by my experience with Build LDN, where guests would talk to each other in a personal way whilst in the green room - hence the name of the series is "The Green Room".

Sector: Specialty

Cost: Low

PR/ROI (Opportunity Cost): Creates another line of content (audio/AV) for Rise at Seven's social output.




Peer-to-peer conversations about the future of PR, SEO and Social Media.



An inter-agency competition to create the craziest hypothetical campaigns.

unnamed (9).jpg

An online-only, multi-episode series where two teams from Rise at Seven compete to create the craziest hypothetical campaigns, with the winners receiving a reward (Apprentice-style), and the losers suffering the ignominy of PR failure.

Sector: Specialty

Cost: Medium

PR/ROI (Opportunity Cost): Truly unique as a format among agencies, this show would amplify and emphasise the creative talents of all Risers - giving prospective clients a taste of what the agency can achieve.

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